Simply Great Pet Insurance Coverage

Our policy includes coverage for every accident, illness, and condition, plus the diagnostic exam fees, treatments, and ongoing care.

Covered Accidents, Illnesses, and Conditions

(We cover pretty much everything, except pre-existing conditions.) 

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Dental Illnesses 

Extractions, gingivitis, root canals, and more; covered up to $1,000/year, no dental exam required. 

80% of dogs and 70% of cats have a form of periodontal disease by age 3.

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Breed-specific, Congenital & Genetic Conditions

Conditions a pet is born with or due to a gene defect, such as hip dysplasia, allergies, intervertebral disc disease (IVDD), and others.  

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Chronic Conditions 

Long-term illnesses or injuries like arthritis or diabetes; no per-condition limits and coverage continues when you renew.

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Preventable Conditions

Lyme disease, parasites, parvo, and other illnesses that may have been prevented are still covered. 

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Orthopedic Conditions

Ligament tears, broken bones, osteosarcoma, and more are covered after a six-month waiting period (or opt to have it reduced). 

Covered Treatments for All the Things Your Pet Might Get Into

Diagnostic exam fees are covered and included with every policy. 

Illustration of a water droplet with a medical icon

Complementary Treatments* & Rehabilitation

Less-invasive treatments, like acupuncture or laser therapy (when not preventative), included at no extra cost. 

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Emergency Care

Pets are covered at any emergency vet clinic, including after-hours.  

Illustration of a veterinary hospital

Hospitalization  & Surgery

Scheduled or emergency surgery is covered,** including required hospital stays, even overnight. 

Illustration of a veterinarian

Specialist Care

Treatments from veterinary specialists such as oncologists, internal medicine experts, behavioralists, and others. 

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Diagnostic Testing

We cover all diagnostic testing for any covered illness or condition, including biopsies, X-rays, MRIs, etc. 

Illustration of a prescription symbol

Prescription Drugs

If the condition is covered, so are the prescription meds used to treat or manage it.  

Pre-Existing Conditions Done Differently

While no pet insurance policy covers pre-existing conditions, Embrace handles them differently to get you the most coverage.

A pre-existing condition is any injury, illness, or irregularity noted by you or your vet before your pet’s waiting period is over, even if your pet never went to see the vet for it.

12-Month Medical History Review 

We only review the last 12 months of your pet’s medical history to establish pre-existing conditions. Some pet insurance companies review the past 24 months or your pet’s entire life.  

Curable and Incurable Conditions 

Some conditions are curable and we want to cover them. For example: your pup had an upset tummy with vomiting three months before enrollment. If he’s symptom- and treatment-free for a year, that condition is eligible for coverage in the future.  

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Compare Pet Insurance Coverage

Embrace offers one simple policy so you can rest easy knowing your pet is protected against the unexpected. Choosing the right pet insurance plan for your pet and your budget is hard enough without sorting through multiple coverage levels, or deciding if you need extra coverage (that always comes with an extra cost).

With Embrace, it's all included in our accident & illness policy.

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What's Never Covered

For a complete list of exclusions see the Embrace Policy Terms and Conditions. 

  • Pre-existing conditions  

  • Breeding, whelping, or pregnancy  

  • DNA testing or cloning  

  • Deliberate injury by you or anyone in your household 

  • Injury or illness from fighting, racing, cruelty, or neglect  

  • Cosmetic procedures such as tail docking, ear cropping, & dew claw removal unless medically necessary 

  • Avian flu or nuclear war   

  • Routine veterinary care (like wellness checkup exam fees)  

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Preventative Care with Wellness Rewards

Wellness Rewards isn’t insurance, it’s our optional, flexible plan to help budget for your pet’s preventative and routine care. The wellness plan can be added to any insurance policy.

While insurance helps cover accidents and illnesses after they happen, Wellness Rewards reimburses you for preventative treatments and care, like grooming and nail trims, training, spay/neuter surgery, dental cleanings, and more.  

**Spay/neuter surgery is preventative and not covered by insurance (but can be reimbursed by our wellness plan). 

*Complementary treatments were previously called alternative therapies.